One of the features you should look out for in the best beard trimmer is that it should easily be recharged. There are cheap and affordable battery operated beard trimmers available, nonetheless, after it has trimmed half your beard you will notice the battery is out of juice, leaving you with a funny look. It is important that you look out for a device incorporated with long-lasting batteries (lithium). You can also look out for a trimmer that has at least three detachable combs; this will ensure that your beard is trimmed excellently at your preferred length.

How much will it cost to acquire a decent beard trimmer?

You will find a cordless trimmer operating on battery for about $30. Nonetheless, you can find reliable brands like Remington, Braun, and Wahl for about $40, incorporated with the entire additional bonus like a case, comb attachments, and the charger. The high-end beard trimmers for men have excellent features like having a vacuum incorporated to assist in sucking in hair while it is trimming your beards. You can acquire these high-end trimmers for about $50 to $60


A trimmer will basically assist in giving an appealing look but the edges, without doubt, need a lot more attention. It is advised that you purchase straight edge razors; they ensure that more attention is paid to your chin, nose, and neck. Using straight edge razors, you can also be sure of having a clean, neat-cut border having shaved the outer edges of your beard. A beard that is well trimmed with clean borders will give a well-groomed look. The trimmer blade requires oil for lubrication, this makes it important that oil is reserved in your kit.

Usage tips

Unlike the shaver, the best beard trimmer works best when it is dry. If per chance you have a beard that is used wet, it will not last as long as that which is used when dry. You can also have your beard trimmed with a trimmer with adjustable combs. It is important that a trimmer is properly cleaned after every use.

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