A garbage disposal system is both a boon and a blessing for every household. For instance, imagine how convenient it is for you to have your chicken bones, excess waste, and food leftovers flushed down the sink and ground to very small pieces. The Waste King L-1000 garbage disposal system is one of the best in the market, owing to the brilliance in the technology adopted by the manufacturers. As much as it is fun to watch yourself toss an entire chicken down to the sink without resulting in a clog, it will most definitely wow your guest and this is one of the reasons why you should have this tool in your kitchen space.

Waste King is proud to have two major product in the market that is both of the legend series. The 3-bolt and the EZ-mount series respectively are very efficient in food waste disposal, in a manner that is faster compared to other options out there, thus saving you time and stress. The legend series was designed for fast grinding and less energy usage, just so you can save more on your electrical bills. The Waste King L-1000 garbage disposal has several features that will meet your kitchen requirements. If perchance you have a small household or perhaps if you are living alone you can opt for the cheaper product, however, it is worthy to mention that the cheaper product does not signify that it is of poor quality.

All of the products irrespective of the price are of high quality; the manufacturers did not sacrifice quality. For instance, if you have a large family or household the high-end product is a perfect choice since it can work faster, harder and for long periods. It is perfect for a large amount of waste disposal and it is designed for strictly heavy-duty tasks. On the other hand, the mid-range products suit the needs of an average sized family.

The legend series are categorized according to the functionality of the product, like the sound insulation, the ease with the installation procedure, the overall stability to your kitchen and the horsepower. Waste King in order to avoid pollution made an effort to create an eco-friendly model.

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