Breakthrough in Wind Belt technology

Breakthrough in Wind Belt technology makes it more efficient

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Breakthrough in Wind Belt Technology

Last year’s winner of the Breakthrough award has just had made huge leaps in their renewable energy source technology. Since the win of Wind Belt technology last year, the turbine-less wind generator has made leaps and bounds in its development. It is now a hundred times more energy efficient than ever before. And this is a huge improvement compared to just a year ago. This huge development has proven just how much 1 year of development can change a whole project. If the wind belt technology continues on this same trajectory, then the sky is the limit for the company.

Unlike a traditional turbine powered wind generator, the moving parts of the wind belt design are minimal. This makes it low maintenance and also easy to build. It can also be scaled down in size because the smaller ribbon vane can be shrunk down quite easily. All of these features of the wind belt generator also make it a low-cost option for alternative power. This makes the wind belt energy generator, a practical option for developing countries and remote rural areas. And this is where the company sees the wind belt generator being used the most.

The design of the Wind Belt generator is rather unique. Unlike other kinds of wind-powered generators, it does not use a turbine at all. Instead, a thin ribbon-like vane is used as an alternative to the turbine. The wind that passes through the generator causes the ribbon vane to flutter. And this energy is then converted into electricity, which can be used to power white LED bulbs. This design makes the wind belt generator, one of the first ever turbine-less wind-powered generator. It also makes the technology cheap, readily available, and extremely practical for a lot of uses.

The current generation model of the wind belt generator is much more efficient when compared to the original version of the technology. It is capable of making about three to ten watts of power. This power output of this current generation wind belt generator makes it more efficient, about a hundred times more efficient when compared to the original model that was shown in a demonstration a year ago. At a Popular Mechanics reception held last week, a demonstration of the new energy efficiency of the Wind belt generator caused quite a lot of buzz. And many people are excited for the practical applications of this wind-powered generator.

This new development of the Wind Belt generator is a huge breakthrough for the company. And the CEO of the company has said that it is planning to release the wind generator soon, to places such as rural Haiti which need a source of alternative power. As soon as the company finds partners, it can release the small-sized wind belt generator in under a year. And there are also plans to release a larger one meter-sized wind belt generator after that as well. The large-sized wind belt generator is capable of producing more energy, but it also costs more than the micro-wind belt generator.