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The technology behind Wind Belt

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Breakthrough in Wind Belt Technology

The wind belt technology that our generators use is actually very unique. Unlike other kinds of wind-powered generators, the wind belt does not use any kind of turbine at all. This minimizes the complexity of the generator and also lowers its costs. The technology behind the wind belt was actually inspired by the needs of rural areas. And this makes the wind belt generator the perfect type of technology to deploy in those areas. There are actually a lot of unique features of the wind belt generator that make it stand out from other kinds of wind-powered generators. This is how the wind belt technology works.

Does not use a turbine

Unlike a traditional turbine powered wind generator, the moving parts of the wind belt design are minimal. This makes it low maintenance and also easy to build. It can also be scaled down in size because the smaller ribbon vane can be shrunk down quite easily. All of these features of the wind belt generator also make it a low-cost option for alternative power.

This makes the wind belt energy generator, a practical option for developing countries and remote rural areas. And this is where the company sees the wind belt generator being used the most.

Low-cost option

The wind belt generator is the ultimate low-cost solution to rural communities that need a steady source of power for lighting. This is because the materials and construction of this generator are relatively simple. So the initial investment for setting up this wind-powered generator is relatively low. And since the design of this wind-powered generator is also simpler, it does not need a lot of maintenance as well. The small size of this generator also makes it cheap and easy to distribute. All of these factors make the wind belt a great low-cost option for a lot of people, especially those that are living in rural areas.

Small and lightweight

The small wind belt generator can produce up to 3 to 10 watts of power. And that is the micro-sized generator. There is another larger-sized wind belt generator, which is approximately 1 meter in diameter. And this larger-sized generator is capable of producing even more power. But the 10-watt power generation of the micro-wind belt generator is enough to power LED light bulbs!

This is generally how the Wind belt generator works. If you want to know more about the wind belt generators, then you should send a message. The website admin will do everything that they can to provide you with more resources so that you can understand how the wind belt generator works.

All of these features make the wind belt generator a great solution for rural areas that are not connected to the central power grid. The wind belt technology is energy efficient enough to provide power to LED bulbs. So using this kind of generator is a practical way to get lighting for rural areas.