If you are looking at reducing the cost of manufacturing processes, you can opt for plastic molds. This is an ideal technology owing to the fact that it the turnaround time of the process is a lot quicker than other technology. RIM plastic molding is useful for epoxy, polymer plastic, and fiberglass. Below are some of the ideas on the processes, services, and design of equipment employed while manufacturing these products.

Plastic molding services

Plastic molding services is a product of thermoforming, blow molding, rotational molding, and compression molding. Some other services include micro molding, insert molding, mold prototyping, two shot molding, hot stamping, and machining. These different services have a different feature that makes them unique, thus differentiating them from one another.

Machining, for example, is the phase where the drilling, turning or milling is employed for the removal of the molds. Micro molding use mini molding and other special machines to produce small parts using the process. The parts produced using micro molding are observed to be less than 3grams of weight. A two shot injection process, on the other hand, has its products produced from two kinds of raw materials while using just a single operation

Plastic molding processes

The process of plastic molding cannot be said to be complete without going through certain processes. First, a 3D CAD or perhaps a three-dimensional model should be developed. This is the point where the manufacturer demands prototypes and concepts from a consumer, just so they can check if it is good enough for plastic production. While consultation is going on, the manufacturing process will be considered alongside. Precision, cost, type of materials, number of parts, and production rate are used when selecting the manufacturing process.

Plastic mold equipment design

This aspect of manufacturing RIM plastic molds is very important as it is the stage where the machinery is fabricated to create the output material. Feeders, components, liners, and Barrels are also created during the equipment design stage. During the process, special equipment for the manufacture of different plastic mold services is produced.

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