Eero Saarinen is an outstanding architect and designer of the 20th century that has designed his signature style dining table as part of his collection. Space savvy, practical and stylish, the round tulip table designed by Eero Saarinen is an excellent work of art.

The Saarinen style dining table gives you are a glance at a 20th century designed equipment with its extravagant use of clean contemporary design and high-end materials. Similar to the tulip chairs that are are more like a trademark or the prominent designer, the rounds dining table has been also received great feedbacks and the same level of appreciation, owing to the clean construction and durability. Let us have a glimpse at the features that actually make the round tulip table popular

The Designer

The reason why most people are attracted towards the clean design is the man behind the remarkable idea. Eero Saarinen received his first critical appreciation for the “Tulip Chairs”, next was the Womb settee, arm and side chairs and the widely renowned “pedestal Group”. Recently there has been an increase in the demand of this works because of its durability, neat contemporary style, and eccentric shaping. Among his works, the two most popular are the dining table and the tulip chairs


Other than the fact that the Saarinen table is fabricated from one of the strong and durable materials such as marble, it depicts stability and strength. The cast aluminum base finished with a high gloss lacquer contributes to its shock absorptive and sturdy characteristics. Some variations of the Saarinen table are available in medium density fiberboards tops that make up for additional strength

Eclectic Design

The tulip table designed by Eero Saarinen can fit into any existing décor effortlessly. Its simplicity is depicted in its shape and its assists in accommodating the table into a modern décor theme and a traditional décor theme as well. Furthermore, the Saarinen table has an ideal size that makes it fit into a small apartment as well a large dining area, thus making the table fit into any size of a home.

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