Imagine the kind of situation a newborn baby would have to adapt to when they find themselves on earth after spending quality time in the well-protected womb. They need time to adapt and adjust to the external factors like noise and brightness of the alien environment. Many parents decide to reproduce this form and conditions by covering and shielding their baby in a swaddling blanket. Swaddling clothes have been utilized all over the globe for numerous years. In less developed nations this may come in form of a piece of cloth wrapped firmly around the new creature, while in developed nations, specially designed top blankets to swaddle your newborn before bed can be purchased.

There are numerous advantages of using a swaddling blanket.

Most newborn babies tend to display some forms of reflex like a Moro or startle reflex. This can occur when a baby is disturbed by a loud noise or when its head moves in a backward position. The baby reacts to this effect by throwing his parts of the body out wide before taking them to a normal position and it is accompanied with fingers curved as though gripping. Wrapping a baby in a secure position with a swaddling blanket will help reduce the effect of this reflex that might occur.

Confining the parts of their body but still permitting them to stretch replicate the conditions of the womb. Some parents do not confine the arms to allow them to suck their finger or thumb thereby replicating the womb condition and at a later stage may incorporate a pacifier. Others prefer not to allow the free movement of the arms as it helps prevent face scraping.

Wrapping a baby inside this blanket means that they can place the baby’s back to sleep. According to research, this kind of sleeping position helps prevent the possibility of Sudden Infant Death. Nobody wishes death or any bad occurrence to happen to their newborn baby. In nations where most babies are covered in these blankets, there are low cases of SID than in nations where the blankets are not utilized regularly.

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