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Wind Power

Showing Us The Power Of Wind

What is wind powered energy?

Wind power is a source of energy that uses the wind to generate electricity. Normally, the energy is generated by spinning turbines. Wind turbines are tall towers that are topped with large vanes or spinning blades. These vanes or turbines are spun by the wind. And it is this motion that creates the electricity. Wind power is known to be clean, as it produces no waste material or exhaust. And wind power is also renewable since the wind as a resource cannot be depleted. These factors make wind power and excellent clean and environmentally source of energy.

What makes wind belt stand out?

Wind belt actually is the first of its kind.

The Components

It does not use a spinning turbine at all. There is a vibrating ribbon-like membrane inside the micro-generator of the wind belt. This ribbon-like material spins and vibrates when it is pushed and moved by the wind. And it is this movement that provides the energy that is needed to generate electricity. This turbine-less design is also great because it allows the generator to be smaller and also cheaper.


Humdinger technologies developed wind belt because it saw a need for a low-cost and low-maintenance power generator. Other kinds of wind-powered turbines are too costly to use. And they also do not have a lot of practicality for use in small settings, such as single household families. In order to solve that kind of issue with large scale wind-powered turbines, the team at humdinger technologies decided to scale down the size of the wind generator. And they achieve this by completely removing the wind turbine of the generator, leading to this innovative new designed used by the wind belt.

How did wind belt start?

Trip to rural Haiti

Wind belt first started when our company founder went on a trip to rural Haiti. While he was there he stopped by a small fishing village. And it was there that he noticed a huge problem that was experienced by the locals. They did not have a power source for their light bulbs because they were not connected to the national power grid. They could not even see at night because it was too dark, and there was no electricity. It was this problem that made the wind belt founder decides to come up with some kind of solution to help those in rural areas.

Turned the best SOLUTION

Wind belt arose as a solution for those in remote rural areas, who do not have access to electricity. This small-sized generator uses the wind as a source of power in order to generate electricity for LED light bulbs. With a wind belt generator in one household, enough energy can be produced to light up several LED light bulb strips in order to provide illuminations for a whole family. This makes the wind belt generator a potentially invaluable device to have for any rural families that are living without any electricity at all.

Rural Population
Companies Using Diesel Energy
Homes without electricity

What are the applications for wind belt?

The applications for the wind belt generation are very practical. The most obvious solution for the wind belt power generator is for use in small rural areas, which have no access to conventional means of energy generation. The small power output of the wind belt generator is for powering on LED light bulbs. The wind belt generator is able to keep on a small strip of white LED lights for several hours. So it can provide lighting for small rooms or even a full home, depending on the number of wind belt generators that are in use.

A lot of people can benefit from using wind belt generators. And those people are primarily located in remote and far flung rural areas. For example, a small village on the coast that is not connected to the power grid may find a lot of use for the wind belt generator. This is because they often do not have an adequate source of power to switch on their lights. In those cases, the wind belt power generator can provide the solution that they may need. It can easily keep their lights on the whole night, using low energy LED light bulbs powered by the wind.

Clean Alternative

Wind power is a great clean alternative to most energy sources that are commonly used nowadays. This kind of energy is inexhaustible, safe, clean, sustainable and best of all cheap. Compared to other methods of energy generation such as coal burning or natural gas extraction, wind power is much better. There are a whole lot of reasons to switch to using wind power energy. And these reasons should motivate more people around the world to adopt the use of wind power as one form of energy generation option that they have. There is even a rising trend around the world, which has got more people using wind power as a source of energy.

New Solution

Wind belt is a new solution to the many problems that are associated with energy generated from wind turbines. This is because the turbine-less design of the wind belt solves all of the issues that are present in energy turbines that are used in traditional wind generators. One of the best things about the wind belt generator is the fact that it is using fewer moving parts. This equals a relatively maintenance-free wind power generator. This allows the wind belt generator to be easily set up in rural or even remote settings, primarily because it is very simple and small.

More Possibilities

The possibilities of new technology are endless. And with the ever growing problem of climate change and other kinds of environmental issues, wind power and other kinds of clean energy alternatives are more important than ever. Wind belt is just one of the technological solutions for the environmental and social problems of today. The progress and solutions that are offered by wind power may be able to solve a lot of today’s problems. But those solutions can only come with the innovation, creativity, and industriousness of human beings. Wind power is the energy source for the future.

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